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Welcome to the web store.  We are a one-stop carnival prize headquarters that offers an extensive variety of carnival toys, themed birthday parties, carnival novelties, carnival stuffed animals, wholesale party supplies, themed seasonal plush and toys, as well as a large selection of carnival supplies and endless carnival ideas!


 carnival booth is your complete source for carnival toys, carnival supplies, carnival prizes and novelties.  Carnival Toys sells an extensive selection of your favorite plastic toys and carnival plush for redemption and game prizes to school carnivals, church festivals, Family Entertainment Centers, carnivals, arcades, toy parties, holiday shops and backyard carnivals all across America.  Our items range from classic plastic toys and plush to party favors and novelty items. can make your party, carnival, or festival a great success! 


Think for all of your carnival toys, prizes, supplies, and now carnival game ideas!  Carnival prizes and toys: stuffed animals, inflatable toys, novelties, light up toys, and carnival game prizes.  Get all of your carnival supplies at ranging from balloons, darts, baseballs for games, and a knowledgebase of carnival games and ideas to make a successful school or backyard carnival. All of our products are thoroughly tested and safe. Click HERE for Safety Information.

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Our Carnival Starter Kit contains everything you need to know to host your own backyard carnival, school carnival, or church festival on a budget. 

Everything And More For Your Next Carnival! 

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